I took a road trip across the United States with my photographer mentor a few years ago. At the time, she was battling an illness and we talked about all things life, struggles, our best moments and our lowest moments. It was through that trip and that time with her I realized that I wanted Abbey Elaine Photography to be more than the images I produced, but a documentation of the free, the brave, good times and even sad times. Our lives at this moment are important and I love that I get to sit in those moments with everyone I meet and photograph.

Call me a dog mom and I'll own that ish. The Wyatt dog came into our lives 3 years ago and we've been inseparable ever since. Rescued from Texas and living his best life now (which is heavily documented in his very own instagram highlight reel on my page)! We spend most of our days at the local dog park, hiking and creekside. 

I'm obsessed with seeing new places and spaces and feel like I always shoot my best while traveling; There's just something about exploring the mountains, playing cricket in the middle of a street in India, eating among the Monks at a monastery in the desert. I've been on two different road trips across the US, to India, Morocco, Spain, and countless other gems in the world. and each are full of the most random, most incredible adventures!

You know how they say opposites attract? It us. This bearded guy is my number one fan and my support system as I adventure through this crazy life. Together for 10 years and engaged for 3. We have dreams one day I'll stop using the excuse "I'm a wedding photographer, there's no dates left" and make it official!

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