When you sign on to give me 110% of your heart, you get mine in return. I won’t just be there to take a few photos the day of your wedding or during your engagement session. I will be there to listen to ideas and stories along the way, help you remember the end goal of marriage, be a calming force in the chaos. I gotchu from start to finish! 

My approach to any shoot is to not just walk away with great photos. Weird, I know. But, a lot of feeling goes into the day. I want these images we create to be a full representation of you two. During engagement sessions I am a bit more hands on with you, I talk A LOT (you will too), and we will get to know each other and get used to this weird thing called a camera in your face! It’s the first time you’ll experience my paparazzi tendencies. We will frolic, dance, the two of you will cuddle often and I will be the best third wheel.  

Wedding days are a little different. The day is a bit more structured with a lot of moving parts and I want to leave space to discover the quiet moments. Moments like your dad whispering in your ear how proud he is of you just before he walks you down the aisle. I once had a bride nervously tell me that family portraits were the most important thing to her on her wedding day. They became the most important to me too. We will get epic portraits of you and your babe, but we will definitely give the things that mean the most to you on your day the upmost care. 

On the surface, I will tell your story, but what is important to me is that you walk away with a new friend, someone you were able to be vulnerable in front of, laugh and cry with. You are important, your life is important and who you are right now is so important. I ask for your heart so I can give you your most epic tale as it is unfolding right now.

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PHOTOS BY abbey elaine photography